This project-based course will provide a comprehensive overview of key requirements in the design and full-stack implementation of a digital health research application. Several pre-vetted and approved projects from the Stanford School of Medicine will be available for students to select from and build. Student teams learn about all necessary approval processes to deploy a digital health solution (data privacy clearance/IRB approval, etc.) and be guided in the development of front-end and back-end infrastructure using best practices. The final project will be the presentation and deployment of a fully approved digital health research application.

Course logistics

Application The course has limited capacity. Apply here by September 27
Date/Time T/Th 4:30PM - 5:50PM
Location LK308
Units 3 Ltr (CR/NC and Med option available)
Instructors Oliver Aalami (aalami@stanford.edu)
Santiago Gutierrez (santig@stanford.edu)
Michael Hittle (mhittle@stanford.edu)
Neil Gandhi (nrgandhi@stanford.edu)
Staff email cs342-aut1920-staff@lists.stanford.edu
Office hours Th 3:00PM - 4:30PM
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Week 1 (09/24 - 09/26)

1.1 Overview of Course

Introducing our projects this quarter.

👥Guest lecture by Dr. Seshdari Mudumbai (S-SMART team), Dr. Lance Downing & Dr. Nick Bott (ACP team).

Assignment #1: Submit Project Preferences by Sep 28th
1.2 What makes health apps different?

Topics: Data privacy; HIPAA; DRA; IRB protocols

👥Introducing MyHeartCounts with guest lecture by Steve Hershman, director of mHealth.

Assignment #2: Getting Started with Xcode (due Oct 1st)

Week 2 (10/01 - 10/03)

2.1 Intro to ResearchKit 💻

What is ResearchKit? How can we use it? We will live code an onboarding & consent process.

2.2 ResearchKit + Surveys 💻

Discussion on Patient-Reported Outcomes. Enhacing our application from last class with surveys and active tasks.

Assignment #3: Consent + Surveys
(due on next Code Review; week of Oct 15)

Week 3 (10/08 - 10/10)

3.1 Health Records

👥Guest lecture by Dr. Ricky Bloomfield, Apple.

3.2 In-Class Workshop

Discussing the design thinking process. Mentor Day.

Week 4 (10/15 - 10/17)

iOS User Interface Basics (live code + Q&A)

4.2 More ResearchKit and CareKit

👥Guest lecture by Srinath Muralidharan and the Apple Health team.

Assignment #4: Content and UI
(due on Code Review #2)

Week 5 (10/22 - 10/24)

5.1 Mentor Day

Meet with your mentors in-class and work towards midterm deliverables.

5.2 Midterm Presentations

Teams will present slides and live demo with midterm deliverables.

Week 6 (10/29 - 10/31)

6.1 Intro to HealthKit

What is HealthKit and how can we use this framework in our apps?

6.2 Coding with HealthKit

Adding HealthKit functionality to our apps. Live code and in-class activity.

Assignment #5: HealthKit
(due on Code Review #2)

Week 7 (11/05 - 11/07)

7.1 Backend Architecture

👥Intro to our serverless backend. Guest lecture by Dharmesh Patel from the Google Cloud Health team (FHIR & SMART).

7.2 (cont) Backend Architecture

More on getting started with the Google Cloud Platform. Adding the Firebase SDK to our apps.

Week 8 (11/12 - 11/14)

8.1 Digital Health @ Ochsner

👥Guest lecture by Jonathan Wilt, CTO Ochsner Health System, LA

8.2 (cont) Backend Data Handling

Handling data via Firestore and Cloud Storage.

Assignment #6: Backend
(due on Dec 2nd)

Week 9 (11/19 - 11/21)

9.1 (cont) Backend Topics

Using dynamic links. Discussion of Assignment #6.

9.2 Mentor Day

Meet with your mentors in-class and work towards final deliverables.

Week 10

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

Week 11 (12/03 - 12/05)

10.1 Analytics and Review

Analytics & ETL: from Ingestion -> Warehouse -> Insights

10.2 Final Presentations!

Students will show their final apps. Congrats to both teams!‍


Getting Started with Xcode: Building a UI
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